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Camp Chief Hector

YMCA Calgary

Image by SJ Objio
Kalie, 2022 Camper
Liam, 2022 Camper

"Camp Chief Hector was such an impactful experience for me as a kid (over 20 years ago). Camp leaders and fellow campers were incredibly supportive and encouraging; the environment and activities sparked my ongoing love of nature, hiking and sense of adventure."

- Camper, 2001-02

  Dear Mom & Dad,

Phoenix, 2022 Camper

"I was a staff member at Camp Chief Hector for 7 summers following high school, climbing the ladder from Counsellor-in-Training to Assistant Camp Director. Camp Chief Hector provided some of the most important experiences of my formative years, giving me confidence to pursue a career in Medicine, and friendships that have lasted a lifetime."

- David A. Hanley, MD, FRCPC


Kate Stevens, Creating a Place We’re All Meant To Be

Camp Stories

Do you remember your days at camp?

Since 1930, Camp Chief Hector YMCA has watched generations of kids and staff discover themselves throughout 1,000 acres of picturesque Bow Valley landscapes. 

Camp has provided a place for children to learn the power of community, an understanding of their responsibility for our shared environment and the skills to thrive throughout their lives. With over 12,000 guests every year, Camp is responsible for countless formative memories. These are just a few.

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