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Camp Chief Hector

YMCA Calgary

Why Camp?

90 years of Life-Changing Experiences

For over nine decades, Camp Chief Hector YMCA has provided youth with experiences that turn into core memories, lifelong friendships, and personal development. A fundamental right of passage, our programming encourages individual growth within a community and in the natural world. It has provided countless youth in Alberta the opportunity to belong, grow, thrive and lead.

So, why the Love, Camp project, and why now? 

Camp deserves some love – it has served us well for decades, it has given us some of our best stories – it is time to give back.



If you have been to a camp or understand the importance of it, you will know that the experience is beloved by all. And many Campers believe their time at Camp Chief Hector YMCA was life-changing. 
We want to share that experience with more children and youth in the future.


Every year, over 12,000 campers build their best stories, summers and memories at Camp Chief Hector YMCA. But they are not just having fun, they are learning lifelong skills, and developing into the future leaders of tomorrow.

We want to continue to be the foundation for more learning, laughing and growing for years to come.


The capital needs of Camp are critical to ensure we offer a safe and healthy experience to our staff, visitors and campers.

The current staff housing is over 40 years old, and has exceeded its useful lifespan, and the new washroom and shower facilities will provide an inclusive experience for all.


The campaign will extend the camping and riding seasons, and will facilitate more year-round activities. Camp will become more than just ‘a summer camp’. 

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